The all-new SaintCast home coming soon!

Working on a new SaintCast website. . . coming soon.

Until then . . . visit the old SaintCast site here

There you can access all previous SaintCast episodes by clicking on the episode list on the right menu.

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2 responses to “The all-new SaintCast home coming soon!”

  1. I am so excited to see that you are back! I am interested, I listen, and I hope that you will be putting out many many more of your wonderful, enlightening podcasts! Welcome back!

  2. i am listening to old saintcasts… what a body of work. the only preist ordaned in a concentration camp .. lead me to read two papel documents of that time and search out this fine Deacon and Preist.

    may i suggest another saint .. blessed… jose from the movie for greather glory.

    also … i would like to promot your pod casts … can i still get flyers and i would love to purchased some shirts.

    god bless you

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