What people are saying about “The SaintCast”

“Since reading about the SaintCast in the Arlington Catholic Herald last month I have enjoyed listening to the SaintCast. I find it informative, interesting, and enjoyable.” TF
“Please know that your podcast has deepened my faith and that you have, in your own way, touched many people.” BA
“We had fun at our house with the Saint Jeopardy.” JT
“I love to listen to it each week on one of my daily runs (about an hour has been the perfect length for my runs!) and I always learn something new each time.” MW
“I especially appreciated the episode featuring St. Thomas More as I just graduated from law school and am about to begin my legal career.” TS
“Just had to write to let you know how much I enjoy SaintCast. I have been in love with the saints ever since a nun gave me my first prayer card in cathechism forty (yikes!) years ago.” KJ
“I was just referred to your SaintCast by my wife and have been enjoying listening about the saints.” MS
“Thank you sooooooo much for picking this topic to start a podcast. I was hoping that someone would do this. I love reading about the saints.” JM
“I hear on one of your archived podcasts that you were looking for the location of the soul. I FOUND IT!!! And it’s right here in America… The location of the sole can be found at: Shirley’s Sole Food Cafe 212 West Currahee Street, Toccoa, GA!” EF
“I’m a confirmed fan — You may find it interesting that I enjoy your commentary on the saints so much that I’ve listened to over half of your podcasts more than once… The amount of interesting information, [some that I have known, and some that is new to me] is worth a second or even a third ‘go round.’ I have been collecting “Saint stories” for many years now, because children in religious ed classes find it so interesting to hear about, and I always enjoyed telling the stories!” KC
“Each cast gets better and better, thanks!” JW
“What a wonderful podcast you have created. Very professionally done and full of great information!” CK
“I really like the “Saint Intro” it makes it sounds like a super hero show, and IT IS!” KJ
“The Saintcast feeds a spiritual hunger that I just don’t have time to fill in any other way at this point in my life. I don’t have the time to read as many biographies as I would like to, and the podcast format provides a great means to teach us about the many holy men and women who have gone before us.” JT
“You have helped open my eyes to a wonderful new method to improve my spiritual well-being.” GA
“I am a new subscriber and am making my way through your back podcasts. In an age where we are mostly overrun with vacuous celebrities it is so refreshing and uplifting to hear the life stories of real heros, the saints.” JJ
“I love your podcast. Studying about the lives of the Saints has been such a blessing to my spiritual life and your show only adds to the blessing. Keep up the good work and may the Peace of the Lord be with you from one of your Episcopalian listeners.” DN
“As a Catholic convert, I feel I have so much to learn about our rich traditions and your podcast has really helped me play “catch-up”! ” MR
“I’m writing to let you know again how much I’ve been blessed by the inspiring episodes on SaintCast–thanks for sharing your knowledge and talents with us.” AW
“Love the Saintcast! I stumbled upon the Saintcast back in April and have been hooked ever since.” JL
“Thank you very much for your Podcast, the SaintCast, it is not only informative but is also obviously a labor of love on your part, keep up the good work.” JW
“I am not Catholic myself, but like people who are into God, and the SaintCast is full of such wonderful folks. The saints and their followers certainly have something to teach us all. Those dedicated to God are worthy of our attention, for they are successful in their devotion and love of the Lord.” JN
“There are so many great stories about the saints and you do a fantastic job putting so much of them in the limited time of these podcasts.” EB
“Loved your podcast on dear Pio! I was privileged to attend his canonization in 2002. You must have had some broadcasting experience–it was great! ” AW
“I am a United Methodist, but to bolster your faith, I think I am going to attend a Catholic worship service tomorrow. I have not been in many years. Your podcast planted a seed. My interest is piqued.” MT
“At school a great Jesuit Priest called Fr Emmet Costello encouraged us to go out an do great things for Christ. Your podcast does this! Thank you.” DM
“Just came across your pod cast at Saint Cast. OH MY GOSH!!! How beautiful! I just received an i pod and am new to all of this. I was downloading every I can find from EWTN and found Saint Cast and am soooooooo excited.” JD
“I just have to say that your show brings so much joy into my life. I’ve been working in an office job sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer screen for the last three months, and the one thing that brings me through the monotony of office work is your podcast.” ST
“Thank you for your wonderful podcast on the Saints. I only recently started listening after hearing about your podcast. This new media form (podcasts) has been a great way for me to become more educated on many things. I especially appreciate podcasts that educate me on faith.” PA
“My daughter loves the jeopardy and she had sorta figured out one of your old obscure ones on San Francisco and Los Angeles, or the city of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portciuncola. I was impressed. One of my sons used your saintcast on St. Maximillian Kolbe for a home school report on his patron saint.” KL
“I would like to say how much I love The SaintCast! Though I am not Catholic, (I’m actually Episcopalian), I still love and appreciate the beauty of the traditions of the church.” MB
“I had to take a long car drive this past weekend and looked on the internet to find some good Catholic podcasts to listen to and found Saintcast! I listened to them all the way and they were great!” EC
“I just wanted to send you a note (I’m sure you get tons of them) to commend you on a very intelligent and well produced podcast. This medium is amazing and will eventually change the way we all get information.” RL
“Your podcast has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for all the saints. It is so well done and it is also a lesson in the history of our church. What a wonderful, rich faith we have.” CW
“I am a minister of the National Church of Iceland which is Lutheran Evangelical. Your podcast has helped me understand a lot about the Catholic faith, it has given me the hope and desire that all of Gods children will someday and somehow be united into one.” FA

4 responses to “What people are saying about “The SaintCast””

  1. Paul,
    Great to have you back. I’m a US Marine working in Bahrain and listen while I run I’m very excited about the new material. I check my phone every few days for a new show. I have listened to all of your shows at least once and now repeat the ones in the same current month. Keep up the Good work! God bless!

  2. Dr. Paul –

    I started listening to the Saintcast during your “hiatus” period, and was thrilled to discover the new episodes recently. I was particularly happy to find one of them focusing on Damien of Molokai, as I count him as my personal patron. In just a few short weeks, I will be moving to San Francisco to test a call to the Franciscans (specifically the Society of Saint Francis, an Episcopal Franciscan Community), and I hope to take Damien’s name when I am noviced.

    Thanks again for this wonderful resource. I look forward to future episodes!

  3. I am a 69 year old retired army sgt. thank you so much doing these podcast I listen to them most the time while working in the yard. And in the evening, I would like to hear about Padre Pio, Thank You and God Bless…

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