SC 6 St. Maximilian Kolbe, knight of immaculata

In late April, 1918, Maximilian Kolbe was ordained a priest in the Order of Friars Minor Conventual. He then embarked on his mission as a Knight of the Immaculata. He consecrated his life to the Blessed Virgin and set out to convert the world. He founded a number of publications based in his first City of the Immaculata, Niepokalanow, in Poland. He traveled to Japan and India, and suffered greatly with tuberculosis. He lived a life of uncommon holiness, a truly saintly life, even before his famous martyrdom in a Nazi concentration camp. A review of his life, an interview with Thomas Serafin, President of the International Crusade for Holy Relics, and more . . .



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“Soldiers of the Crown,” by Sweet Crystal, at
“Waissel: Polish dance,” by Jacob Heringman,
“Ave maria benedicta to,” by Zephyrus at

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Right click on the following links and download to disk, then you can open the saved files with an MPEG reader (quicktime or WMV). You might have to delete the ‘.txt’ in the file’s name before opening.
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