SaintCast Episode 43, 1st Anniversary Show

Can you believe it’s been a year since the first SaintCast on St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina? Many saints, soundseeing tours, and interviews later, we’re still telling the wonders of the saints. After all, there are thousands!

Tune in today to hear feedback from my favorite podcasters.

Learn about the Saints of this week in the Roman calendar, and the practice that Pope Benedict is reviving in Rome — the Lenten Station Churches. Did the SaintCast contribute to the run on JPII relics? The cause for canonization is financially strapped because of postage to send out all the 2nd class relics.

A new format for the SaintCasts for the 2nd year. Tune in for more information.

Songs from this episode . . .

Karmyn Tyler with “When You Wish Upon a Star,” at

The Litany of Saints in English
The Ancient Tradition of the Lenten “Station Churches”

Podcasts and websites mentioned. . .
Catholic Under the Hood
RockCast Italia
Karmyn Tyler
Tom Serafin
Brian Noe’s podcasts

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