SaintCast Episode 42, St. David of Wales

A very happy and blessed St. David’s Day to all! Yes, today is the Feast of St. David of Wales, and many in Wales will be wearing daffodils and leeks. Yes, I said Leeks. Paul took a leek yesterday in the grocery store, and wore it in his scrubs today (See photo below). It was quite an unusual scent, requiring a lot of cologne to mask the odor. Find out why Welsh wear leeks today, in honor of this special Saint. We learn of his holy life, and a special reading from that Shakespearian thespian, Sir Giles of Valladolid.

In today’s St. Jeopardy we discover the patron saint of oversleeping, and discuss more on the Seat of the Soul, including new research that indicates that the eyes are the mirror to the soul. More audio feedback on this week’s SaintCast.

Songs from this episode . . .

Cheryl Anne Fulton with “David of the White Rock,” and “Gruffydd’s Delight” from her album Airs of Wales at

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