SC Episode 41, Michelangelo-Seat of the Soul

Did Michelangelo leave a secret at the center of the great Sistine Chapel ceiling? Should we call it the “Buonarotti Code?” Join us as we explore what might be the great Renaissance artist’s conception of the ‘endowment of the soul’ and the intellect of man rather than “The Creation of Adam.”

We hear of new Saint news that Sr. Lucia of Fatima might be soon on the fast track to canonization, according to the prefect for the Congregation of the Causes of Saints. A lot of feedback on where to write for the 2nd class relic of John Paul II . . try the following e-mail address:

We devote much of this podcast to great feedback on a variety of issues, including a number of new saints to profile in the weeks to come. The long awaited answer to the last St. Jeopardy question, and you can try your hand at a new question.

Songs from this episode . . .

Nick Cardilino with “A Prayer,” from his album The Workings of Grace at

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