SC 3 Sir Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons

Nearly 500 years ago this week, Parliament passed the Act of Succession, making the children of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII heirs to the English throne. It was also proclaimed that subjects were to swear an oath to the King’s supremacy over the Church in England. People who refused to take the oath were charge with treason. This set the stage for the martyrdom of this special saint, scholar and statesman.

We also take another look at the life of St. Joseph, we look at the calendar of saints for this week, e-mail and audio feedback, St. Jeopardy, and more.

Songs from this episode. . .

“Courage,” by Jimmy Tyrrell, at
“Ungnad’ begehr’ ich nit von ihr,” “Beati omnes qui timent,” “Carmen,” “Das Lang,” by Farallon Recorder Quartet, and “Wolsey’s Wilde,” by La Primavera, all available at

Other links. . .
Patron saints website at

Great book on Thomas More. . .

Thomas More, A Portrait of Courage, by Gerard B. Wegemer


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