SC 39, St. John Bosco, boxing’s patron

Who would be Rocky’s patron Saint? The Relicman, Tom Serafin, returns with a series on electronic simony. I just received my 2nd class relic of JPII and you can request one, too. Listen in to find out how.

Feedback on where Hinduism sees the “Seat of the Soul.” We take a brief look at the miracles and marvels in the life of one of the saints on this week’s liturgical calendar, St. John Bosco. Paul’s pronunciation gaffes, interesting revelations in an upcoming book about John Paul II, and the story of the mysterious dog that accompanied St. John Bosco, on this week’s SaintCast.

Songs from this episode . . .

Black Lab with “Without You,” at

Podcasts and websites mentioned on this episode . . .

Pope Paul VI Fertility Institute at
Secrets of Harry Potter at
Life on Fire Podcast at
Postulation address to request relic of JPII
Be sure and include address when writing to Postulator, Monsignor Oder
Christian themes in Rocky at

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