SaintCast 33 Doctors of Church, Teresa of Avila

This SaintCast is sponsored by Terri of Jefferson City, Missouri, in honor of her favorite Saint, St. Teresa of Avila. Who are the ‘Doctors of the Church?’ In this episode we introduce a new segment on the Doctors of the Church, and profile our first Doctor, Teresa of Avila. A number of great Saints in the calendar for this week including Francis Xavier, St. John Damascene, St. Juan Diego, and Jolly Old St. Nicholas!

The new TV series on neurosurgery . . DOA after only 3 episodes. ‘”3 lbs. we hardly knew you.”

More audiofeedback on the Seat of the Soul, and a Saint book review from the CatholicComuter, at Gratefully, no SaintCast crooning on this episode, but great podsafe Advent music from Dusty Hughes, and Saintly music from the Notre Dame Liturgical choir.

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