SC 27 Podcasting from Assisi, The Porziuncola

Today on the SaintCast we continue our homage to St. Francis, whose Feast Day we celebrated October 4th, by going on a sound-seeing tour of the Basilica of Santa Maria Degli Angeli and the small chapel enclosed within, the Porziuncola, where Francis and his friars gathered and worshipped 800 years ago.

Tom Serafin, the Relicman, pays a visit from sunny Los Angeles, to answer a listeners question about stones from Lourdes and relics. What was special about St. Francis’s stigmata, and who is the only Saint to ever live in my Archdiocese? The answer to these questions and more are heard on St. Jeopardy.

Four new Saints join the ranks of the elect this weekend in Rome. Stay tuned for more canonization news.



Songs from this episode . . .

Roll Your Windows Down,” by The Undisputed HeavyWeights at

Other links. . .

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yang
Home Page of the Porziuncola

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