SC 20 Assumption of Mary, Anne Catherine Emmerich

In honor of the Podcast Carnival on the Assumption, though a bit late, we discuss the doctrine of the Assumption, it’s historical basis, and the history of the Feast of the Assumption. Why are there no first class relics of the Blessed Virgin Mary? What relics are extant? We get a view of what the actual Assumption might have looked like, by reading about the incredibly detailed visions of the mystic Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Songs from this episode . . .Hail Mary,” by Johnny Proctor at Podcasters and Podcasts in the Assumption Carnival George Leite from Catholic Rockers at Brian Michael Page from Christus Vincit at Susan Bailey from the Grape Vine News Minute at Chris and Tanya from Life On Fire at Christopher from St. Michael’s RCIA Podcast at AND Fr. Seraphim Beshoner at Anne Catherine Emmerich links. . . Patron Saints website –

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  1. Ann catherine emmerick gave some many details about our lady house in epherus that a very famous arkheologist fallowed her discriptions and actully found the house.Pope john paul ll and pope benedict both visited the the house and said masses there.

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