SaintCast 17 Georgia Martyrs, St. Tavy’s Day

Over 400 years ago, five Franciscan friars lost their lives defense of the faith, specifically the Christian view of marriage. They were martyred in Florida, far from their Spanish home. Their cause for canonization was begun in the diocese of Savannah, Georgia, in 1984. We talk to Paul Thigpen, of Our Sunday Visitor, and Star of the Sea Catholic Resources, about their cause and their lives.

Four new saints will be canonized in October, one of them a French American nun from Indiana, Mother Theodore Guerin. All founded religious orders.

A listener asks what I like to listen to in the operating room. Shouldn’t have opened that can of worms. . Listen in to hear snippets of my playlists. . .

We hear the answer to last week’s St. Jeopardy question with a listener-produced audio-feedback that is incredible! A new St. Jeopardy question related to Galileo Galilei, and the patron saint of the Boy Scouts. Who could it be? Listen in to hear. Off to Italy for a couple of weeks. . . Pax et bonum.

Songs from this episode . . .

See the Sun,” by Black Lab at
“Del Mar Rojo,” by Stellamara, from the album Star of the Sea, at

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Georgia Martyrs and Mother Theodore links. . .

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