SaintCast 93, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

Paul travels to New Orleans, Louisiana, to talk with the Vice-postulator of the cause for sainthood of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. Tune in to learn about ‘The Smiling Ascetic.’ More…

Another T-shirt out to the St. Jeopardy winner, and a new quiz this week. Pier Giorgio Frassati’s relics to Sydney? Feedback from Jamaica, and more.

* SaintCast #75 on Pier Giorgio Frassati
* Official site of Francis Xavier Seelos
* Curandero at


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2 responses to “SaintCast 93, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos”

  1. love this saint since i first heard of him on the saint cast. my office manager in MN might have cancer and i am sending her a link to the life of this great saint.

    thanks for all you have done…

    please know that i realize that i should have given feed back over the years… your body of work is a great blessing in my life.

    • Peter, thank you for the very kind comments. Though strapped for time, I am not through singing the praises of the lives of the saints and hope to begin again soon. Your feedback means a lot.

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