SaintCast 57, Frei Galvao

A New Saint for the New World – as Pope Benedict travels to Brazil to canonize the first Brazilian-born Saint. We profile this holy man and priest from Sao Paolo, Frei Galvao.

We also discuss marathon training, a case of ‘Blackberry thumb,’ and the new Ustream technology. Darth Vader is there on the outside of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., as a type of gargoyle. This and more feedback on SaintCast #57.


Music on this episode. . .

Suzanne Teng at

Other websites of interest. . .

Tupelo Catholic
Darth Vader on National Cathedral
St. Antonio Galvao’s official website (in Portuguese)

Address to Request San Antonio’s pills. . .

You may write to receive an envelope with Frei Galvao’s pills from the Sisters of Immaculate Conception of Light Monastery by sending them a slip of paper that reads:

“Desire to receive pills from Frei Galvao”

And a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return mailing to:

Monastery of the Immaculate Conceicao de Luz
Av. Tiradentes, 676 – Quarter of Luz
01102-000 Sao Paulo SP

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