SC 137 Ven. Michael McGivney, founder of K of C

He’s responsible for the fact that nearly 2 million Catholic men are closer to their faith and families today – He’s Venerable Michael McGivney and today on the SaintCast we learn about the founder of the Knights of Columbus from the postulator for his canonization cause in Rome, Father Gabriel O’Donnell.
News about St. Anthony of Padua’s relics, St. Joan of Arc’s relics, and an icon of a young Russian martyr in 1996 reportedly exuding sweet aroma. A new St. Jeopardy quiz, and a joke of the week, along with a surprise – the debut of the SaintCast iPhone App!

• Get the SaintCast App for the iPhone!
• Young Russian martyr icon story on Eric Sammons blog
Fr. Michael McGivney Guild
• Francis Beckwith’s blog – Return to Rome
• Chris Castaldo’s blog – Chris-tocentric
• Music by Elizabeth Wolff at Magnatune

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