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  • SaintCast Episode 5, St. Isidore of Seville Play in new window | DownloadWho is the Patron Saint of the Internet? No it’s not Al Gore. . . and why is St. Isidore from the 600’s, associated with the Internet? Who are the Frost Saints? Why do saints wear halos? All these questions, a guest appearance by Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, and more […]

  • SC 4 St. Thérèse of Lisieux, The Little Flower Play in new window | DownloadNearly 118 years ago this next week, Therese Martin entered the cloister of Carmelite nuns at Lisieux, France, and never left, though she became one of the most beloved saints of the last century. She is the patron saint of missionaries, though she never left the convent. Learn about […]

  • SC 3 Sir Thomas More, A Man for All Seasons Play in new window | DownloadNearly 500 years ago this week, Parliament passed the Act of Succession, making the children of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII heirs to the English throne. It was also proclaimed that subjects were to swear an oath to the King’s supremacy over the Church in England. People who refused […]

  • SC 2 St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus Play in new window | DownloadHave you ever been to a St. Joseph Table? Chances are if you’re Sicilian or of Sicilian descent, you have! Why is the St. Joseph Statue below upside down? Tune in to find out. . . . Today we learn of some traditions associated with St. Joseph, Foster Father […]

  • SaintCast Episode 1, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina Play in new window | DownloadThe inaugural podcast of the SaintCast. . . a look at a special man of incredible holiness, who was alive during many of our lives . . St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, astonishing insights from a spokesman for the Padre Pio shrine in New York City, a look at […]