Everyone’s talking about “The Saint Song”


  1. Michelle Reply

    I would like my class to sing this song on All Saints’ Day. Could I have the lyrics?

    2 yearss ago
  2. Jane Reply

    I would like the lyrics for our school! Would you please share the lyrics? Thank you. Jane

    2 yearss ago
  3. Jane Reply

    I’m afraid my previous comment contained an incorrect email. Please note, this comment has the correct email.

    2 yearss ago
  4. Sent them out to you tonight, Jane! Enjoy…

    2 yearss ago
  5. Madeleine Shearer Reply

    To Paul Camarata,
    How might I find your Saint Song
    to buy, or even better, a video
    including the song and the saints?

    Thank you,

    12 months ago
    • Madeleine, Sorry haven’t gotten to answer this in awhile. The video is available on Youtube. Search – “The Saint Song.” You can download from there. If you like I can send you a link to download the video from another site. No charge!

      Thanks. Paul

      10 months ago
  6. Hello again, Father Paul,
    I see my comment is awaiting moderation–meaning change?

    I’d like to buy a DVD of your
    wonderful Saint Song.
    Thank you

    12 months ago
  7. Deborah Reply

    Could you send the lyrics for the saint song for our students? Thanks so much!

    11 months ago


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